Welcome to the Kin Developer's Documentation. It contains everything required for app builders to understand the benefits of working with Kin and helps you get started with the process of building a Kin app, whether you're a developer or not.

What is Kin?

Simply put, Kin is money for the digital world and it provides a way for developers (like you) to monetize their apps and websites in a fundamentally new way.

Kin exists as a token on Solana, a consumer-grade blockchain built for scale. Solana is fast, decentralized and secure, making it the perfect home for Kin. Read more at For more information about Kin, see here:

Kin's lovely main website, full of great info about Kin and its Ecosystem partners.

Kin Ecosystem Apps

See some of the great apps already using Kin

Why should I develop with Kin?

The value proposition for building a Kin app is a simple one:

  1. Become part of a thriving digital economy
  2. Gain access to an additional revenue stream via the Kin Rewards Engine (KRE) as well as grants. That's right, you can earn Kin by using Kin in your app.
  3. Utilize best-in-class developer tools to make building compelling blockchain apps as simple as possible, both for non-developers and developers alike.

So I can earn Kin just by transacting with Kin?

That's exactly right! The Kin Rewards Engine (KRE for short) is a way for Kin to support the amazing apps in our ecosystem. You should definitely read about how it works and how you can make sure your app qualifies.

Kin Rewards Engine

Earn Kin by using it in your App

Kin Catalyst Fund

Grants! Kin offers a range of grants to help great ideas become reality.

I'm interested... So how can I use Kin in an app?

Great question! Why not check out some common use cases?

Use Cases

See some of the common ways Kin is used in our partner apps.

How can I start building my app?

Devs to the left, non-devs to the right!


Get started with our best-in-class SDKs


Not sure about coding? No worries!

How about branding?

Check out our branding guidelines!

Kin Branding

Access Kin branded assets and read our branding guidelines.

What about NFTs?

We've got that covered too!


See how you can use NFTs with Kin

What are some best practices I should be aware of?

Once you're ready to code, have a quick look at our Developer Best Practices where we cover some useful topics that you'll want to keep in mind as you build out your Kin application.

Best Practices

Some key information you'll want to keep in mind as you develop your App

What If I Get Stuck?

Getting Help

Stuck? No problem, we have an amazing community waiting to help out.

Developer Discord

Join our fantastic developer community.

What if there are terms I don't understand?

Here's your one-stop-shop!

Key Terms and Concepts

Your easy glossary of Kin-related terms and ideas

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