Getting Help

Kin Developer Discord

Our Kin Developer Discord is a vibrant community of active Kin app developers, supported by members of the Kin Foundation as well as a host of Kin specialists and enthusiasts. It's a great place to come and get support for your app, whether you want help with integrating SDKs, to discuss the KRE, get feedback on your app or anything really!

Developer Discord

Join our fantastic developer community.

We do have a few ground rules that you can find here.

Some things we'd like to highlight are:

  • If you have issues / questions about a specific topic (e.g. Node SDK), then please use the channel for that topic. That way, we can all benefit from each others shared experiences. It's always better to keep discussions public rather than in a private chat, as long as there's no sensitive information being revealed.
  • Don't '@' people unless it's absolutely necessary. We watch the channels so there's no need to notify us in that way.

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