Kin Rewards Engine

Built on the principles of fairness, efficiency, transparency and equal opportunity, the Kin Rewards Engine is how Kin rewards qualifying apps by providing an additional revenue stream based on how much Kin is being transferred within that application.

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How The KRE Works

Daily Payout

The KRE is awarded via a shared 'Daily Payout' that can be as high as 250,000,000 Kin.

Developers can increase their possible portion of the Daily Payout by simply encouraging their users to obtain and spend Kin

Those developers who create the biggest consumer demand and use for Kin receive the biggest daily rewards. There are controls put in place to promote fairness for newer/smaller apps that reduce the possibility of a monopoly.

Daily Payouts are sent to approved developers on a weekly basis.

The Current KRE

See how KRE Daily Payouts are calculated and more

KRE Principles

The KRE has been developed based on the following principles:


All developers are measured against the same metrics.


Payouts have been streamlined to be as quick and seamless as possible.


The KRE formula is public and easy to understand.

Equal Opportunity

All developers are eligible to take part in and by rewarded by the KRE.

Developers, Kin and the KRE

Learn more about how developers can benefit from Kin and the KRE

Development of the KRE

The KRE is not fixed in stone, it continues to evolve over time to make sure it serves the Kin community as effectively as possible.

Anyone can contribute to the development of the KRE. Have your own ideas and want to submit your own Improvement Proposal? Find out how below:

How to submit an Improvement Proposal for the KRE

A detailed breakdown of the steps to follow if you want to submit your own ideas for the future of the KRE

KRE 4.0

See the details of the latest KRE Proposal

Join the Discussion

Take part in the discussion around upcoming KRE changes, suggest your own improvements, etc

Getting Started with the KRE

Getting started with the KRE couldn't be easier:

Register your app for the KRE

Follow these steps to get your app registered for the KRE

KRE Checklist

Make sure your app qualifies for the KRE

Ensuring Fairness

In order to prevent monopolies, we implement a 'Monopoly Clause' that prevents an app or specific combination of apps from taking too much of the KRE.

The KRE Monopoly Clause

See how the Monopoly Clause works

Apps are regularly audited, manually and programmatically (via transaction data), to ensure they are creating positive user experiences, are improving the overall Kin ecosystem, and are meeting our KRE Checklist, Developer Terms, and Terms of Use to remain eligible to receive rewards from the KRE.

If you have information about an app behaving in a way that contravenes our community standards, or have a question about your KRE payments, please get in touch via our fantastic Developer Discord.

Developer Discord

Join our fantastic developer community.

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