What is Kinetic?

Kinetic is an open-source suite of tools that make it easy to build apps that integrate Solana.

It provides a consistent and clean abstraction over the Solana SDKs and enhances it with some commonly requested features like paying Solana fees on behalf of the user, tracking and timing the users transactions and sending out webhooks.

Kinetic is aimed at developers that want to build crypto-experiences for the users of their app, hiding a lot of the details about the blockchain out of sight for both the developer and the end user.

Build Apps with Kinetic

Make your own app with our best in class SDKs

Connecting To Kinetic

Apps using Kinetic need to connect to a Kinetic instance. On devnet, that's easy, just set your endpoint as below when you instantiate the Kinetic client via the SDK:

const clientOptions = {
  environment: 'devnet', // the name of your environment, e.g. devnet, mainnet
  index: 1, // your App Index
  endpoint: 'https://sandbox.kinetic.host', // devnet endpoint

const kineticClient = await KineticSdk.setup(clientOptions)

Running on mainnet is exactly the same, except there are a greater range of options for the endpoint you can connect to.

Learn more here:

Kinetic in Production

Learn how to connect your app to Kinetic on mainnet

Hosting Kinetic

As part of your production app, you may choose to host your own Kinetic instance.

See how here:

Host Kinetic

Learn how to host your own Kinetic instance

Configure Kinetic

Set your Environment Variables and use Kinetic Manager to configure and manage your Kinetic instance.

Kinetic Development

Develop with Kinetic on your own machine

Kinetic As A Service

Not interested in running your own Kinetic server? Never fear!

Kinetic As A Service

Connect to a Kinetic Service hosted by a 3rd party.

What If I Get Stuck?

Getting Help

Stuck? No problem, we have an amazing community waiting to help out.

Developer Discord

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