Developing with Kinetic

Get a great understanding of the services that work together to make Kinetic.

Have a tinker or contribute to the project.

Kinetic is open source so all are welcome!


This is what you'll need to run Kinetic on your own machine.

Node.js 14+
Docker 20+
Yarn v1.22+

Get Started

To get started with Kinetic, pull down the Kinetic repo and install dependencies.

git clone
cd kinetic
yarn install

Prepare Your Local Environment Variables

Kinetic is highly configurable, but don't worry, we've provided an example file you can use to get started quickly.
Just copy the contents of the .env.example file into your own .env file.

See here for more details on Kinetic Environment Variables:

Kinetic Environment Variables

Configure Kinetic with Environment Variables

Run Docker


Docker uses containers to make running, deploying, updating and managing apps a breeze.

Run Kinetic Services

Then, in separate terminals, do each of the following:

  • run the database
yarn dev:services:postgres
  • prepare the database
yarn prisma migrate reset && yarn prisma db push
  • run Solana locally (localhost:8899) or set SOLANA_DEVNET_RPC_ENDPOINT=devnet and skip this step
yarn dev:services:solana
  • run the Kinetic API (localhost:3000)
yarn dev:api
  • run the Kinetic Demo App (localhost:4200) : Optional
yarn dev:demo
  • run the Kinetic Manager (localhost:4400)
yarn dev:admin

Open The Kinetic Demo

  • Use the built-in Kinetic Demo to test Kin transactions on your Kinetic instance
  • Click here to open localhost:4200

Open The Kinetic Manager

  • Kinetic Manager is a full-featured GUI for Kinetic
  • You can log in using the details set in your .env file.
  • Click here to open localhost:4400

Kinetic Manager

Use Kinetic Manager to configure your Kinetic instance, view logs and transactions, etc


Have a chat with us in the kinetic-development channel on Discord so we can chat about your ideas, etc. All are welcome!

Kinetic Repo

Want to contribute to Kinetic?

Developer Discord

Join our fantastic developer community.

What If I Get Stuck?

Pop into the kinetic-development channel on Discord and we'll give you a hand.

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