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The KRE Explained

The Kin Rewards Engine incentivises developers to create amazing user experiences that utilize Kin.

Approved developers are incentivized via a shared Daily Payout that can be as high as 250,000,000 Kin. Refer here for the most up to date Daily Payout value.

Developers can increase their possible portion of the Daily Payout by simply encouraging their users to obtain and spend Kin

Those developers who create the biggest consumer demand and use for Kin receive the biggest daily rewards. There are controls put in place to promote fairness for newer/smaller apps that reduce the possibility of a monopoly.

The Daily Payouts are sent to approved developers weekly.

What Is The Daily Payout

The Daily Payout is the total amount of Kin paid to developers per day as summarized below.

The Daily Payout is set according to a budgeted amount called the Daily Budget along with an adjustment for volatility of the price of Kin.

The Daily Budget is currently set at 250,000,000 Kin (as of 10/12/2021). As the Daily Budget will be adjusted over time, refer here for the most up to date value.

The exact amount of the Daily Payout is calculated by multiplying the Daily Budget by the difference of 1 minus the Volatility Adjustment (VA).

Daily Payout = Daily Budget * (1 - Volatility Adjustment)

The Volatility Adjustment is a number ranging from 0 to 1 which represents the average amount of price volatility over the previous 30 days. The VA rises during times of high volatility to reduce excessive selling when Kin’s price rises rapidly or during a drop. The VA is designed to help Kin’s price appreciate.

For those who appreciate equations, here’s how the VA is calculated:

Equation for calculating Volatility Adjustment

Where, P is the set of closing prices in the last 30 days and Pavg is the average price in the last 30 days.

How Apps Earn Part of the Daily Payout

Apps earn Kin by encouraging their users to obtain and spend Kin which is proven by two important metrics:

  1. Active User Balance (AUB) — the total amount of Kin held by an Active User
  2. Active User (AU) — a user who spent Kin, in your app, 3 or more times in the previous 30 days

How to Calculate One's Portion of the Daily Payout

The calculation is mathematically simple:

portion_of_daily_payout = (your_eligible_aub / ecosystem_aub) * daily_payout

Where your_eligible_aub is the smallest of either:

  1. Sum of all active user balances divided by the number of active users
  2. 100,000 * number of active users (Effectively caps the amount of eligible AUB)

And where ecosystem_aub is the sum total of eligible AUB for all apps participating in the KRE.

How We Reduce Gaming and Prevent Monopolies

To be eligible to participate in the KRE, apps must first build a functioning integration on the Testnet and then apply for an AppIndex in our Kin developer portal. By having a valid AppIndex, we are able to verify ecosystem apps’ Kin based transactions and user balances.

Apps are regularly audited, manually and programmatically (via transaction data), to ensure they are creating positive user experiences, are improving the overall Kin ecosystem, and are meeting our Spend Checklist, Developer Terms, and Terms of Use to remain eligible to receive rewards from the KRE.

In order to prevent monopolies, no app (AppIndex) will receive more than 66.67% of the Daily Payout. Furthermore, any developer that would have received more than 50% of the Daily Payout will have their portion of the Daily Payout adjusted.

No two apps (AppIndexes) will receive more than 90% of the Daily Payout and residual payouts will be redistributed proportionally to remaining developers (AppIndexes).

See below for a detailed example of how the “Monopoly Clause” is calculated.

Let s_1, s_2, …, s_n be the KRE payout shares ordered by payout proportion in descending order before invoking the monopoly clause.

If (s_1 + s_2  > 0.90) or (s_1 > 0.5):
    If s_1 > 0.5:
        s_1' = 0.5 + ((s_1 - 0.5) / 0.5) * (2/3 - 1/2)
        s_1' = s_1
    If s_1' + s_2  > 0.90 then:
        s_2' = s_2 / (s_1+s_2) * 0.9
    	s_2' = s_2
    s_1’ = minimum(s_1' / (s_1'+s_2) * 0.9, s_1')
    If s_2’ != s_2:
        For i = 3 to n:
            s_i' = s_i / (sum from i = 3 to n of s_i) * 0.1
        For i = 2 to n:
            s_i' = s_i / (sum from i = 2 to n of s_i) * (1 - s_1')
	Developers are paid out based on s_i'
	Developers are paid out based on s_i

Example 1:
Payout shares before clause: {0.35, 0.3, 0.2, 0.15}
Payout shares after clause: {0.35, 0.3, 0.2, 0.15}

Example 2:
Payout shares before clause: {0.90, 0.05, 0.03, 0.02}
Payout shares after clause: {0.633, 0.183, 0.11, 0.073}

Example 3:
Payout shares before clause: {0.50, 0.45, 0.03, 0.02}
Payout shares after clause: {0.474, 0.426, 0.06, 0.04}

Example 4:
Payout shares before clause: {0.55, 0.44, 0.01}
Payout shares after clause: {0.486, 0.414, 0.06, 0.10}

Payout shares before clausePayout shares after clause