Use Cases

Got a great app, but not sure how you could incorporate Kin into the experience? No, worries! Here's some examples of the ways Kin is used in our ecosystem that might help you get started.

Transaction Types

Kin Use Cases are arranged around three types of transactions:

  • Spend - A user spends Kin in your app. Woop!
  • Earn - The app pays Kin out to a user. Great!
  • P2P - Users send Kin to another user via the app. So supportive!

Common Kin Use Cases

Welcome Bonus

Earn Transaction
Welcome your user into the app with a bonus they can use to start transacting. This presents a great opportunity to educate your user about Kin and how it's used in your app.

Real World Purchases

Spend Transaction
Buy real stuff! Allow your users to purchase products with Kin in your app.
To see this in action, check out and Perfect365.

Digital Purchases

Spend Transaction
Who doesn't love NFTs? Use Kin for purchasing NFTs or other digital products. is a great example from our ecosystem.


Earn Transaction
Stake your Kin to earn more! Sounds good? Learn about staking here.
Staking is a feature offered by MadLipz, Playtoshi, and Perfect365 among others.

In-App Scoring

Earn Transaction
Use Kin as an in-app scoring system.
A great example of this can be seen in the excellent Perfect365.

P2P Tipping

P2P Transaction
Give users the ability to tip each other for producing great content. A rising tide lifts all boats!
Check out Coinkit and PIP if this tickles your fancy.

User Rewards

Earn Transaction
Directly reward your users for completing tasks, activities, etc. Turn your gamification into something tangible.
Kreechures offers a fantastic game experience, but this is only one example of a very common use case across our ecosystem apps.

Pay For Access

Spend Transaction
Put your content behind a Kin-powered paywall.

Hold For Access

Only allow users who hold enough Kin to enter specific spaces.
Check out Cafeteria for examples of this in the wild.

Kin Ecosystem Apps

If you need even more inspiration, why not check out some of our ecosystem partner apps:

Kin Ecosystem Apps

See some of the great apps already using Kin

What if my users don't have any Kin?

Great question! You can give them some to get started. Don't have any Kin yourself?
Apply to join the KRE or for a grant via our Catalyst Fund!

Kin Rewards Engine

Earn Kin by using it in your app

Kin Catalyst Fund

Grants! Kin offers a range of grants to help great ideas become reality.


Why not add a Buy Module so users can purchase Kin directly in your app!

Buy Modules

Let your users buy Kin directly in your app

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